Les baies de Goji
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Goji berries
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Himalaya Bio
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Organic Goji Berries from High Mountain
Grown in the heart of Qaidam Desert at 3000 meters' altitude on the Qinghai-Tibet Haut Plateau, our organic Goji berries offer a Premium quality from High Mountain. Goji is a plant requiring a lot of attention. Ripe fruits, green fruits and flowers grow at the same time. This increases the difficulty of picking in the unique annual harvest during the month of August. Hand-picked, they are dried in the open air and under the sun for about 10 days. Their deep red colour, plump flesh, sweet taste and large size - twice that of the average berry - are the result of ideal climatic conditions:
  • a soil extremely rich in trace elements and minerals
  • approximately 14 hours of sunlight daily
  • a difference of up to 20 degrees between daytime and night-time temperatures
  • excellent air quality
  • plentiful supplies of underground water from the Himalayas
Himalaya Bio works exclusively with its Chinese producer, who is certified organic according to European (EC) regulations 834/07 and 889/08.  He is also the holder of the HACCP (Hazard Analasis Crtitical Control Point) certificate guaranteeing the control of food safety.

The Superfruit - a fruit bursting with Sunshine

The Goji berry is one of the most nutritionally complete fruits in the world. It contains several types of amino acids, many minerals and trace elements as well essential vitamins. It is the fruit of the Chinese shrub Lycium barbarum. The Goji berries bring taste to your health - full unlimited pleasure !

With " Extraordinary" Properties
Goji berries have been consumed in China and Asia for millenia. It is believed that it stimulates the Jing (essential energy) and reinforces the Qi (vital energy). The Taoists have accorded her extraordinary virtues for the search for immortality. In China, Goji is considered as a national treasure.
More and more scientific studies point to the seemingly numerous "extraordinary" benefits of this super fruit. So also the big Food and Cosmetic Industries like Nestlé and NIVEA have started to get more and more interested in this fruit.